Sexy, sweet, superhot and svelte Katrina Kaif & Salman Khan are still Friends

Sexy, Svelte, Superb Katrina Kaif is most famous for her glossy lips. Every person in this world adore her for her sweet smile. The recent news say that Katrina Kaif is still a really good friend of Salman Khan and they both are doing "Ek Tha Tiger" movie together.

Also, the sexy and superhot Katrina is finally dancing in an item song for Salman Khan in BODYGAURD. So, bach ke rehna fans as maybe Salman Khan is still a bodygaurd for Katrina Kaif not Kareena.... OOOPS!
God Knows if his heart still beats for Kat.

By the way I am big fan of Salman Khan, so best wishes for BODYGAURD.... Salman darling is always adorable in Dabang types role..