who has the best bikini body of 2010?

It wouldn't be a year in the celebrity life without a few tropical vacations spent soaking up the sun. An exotic trip is also the perfect time to show off those bodies that the stars spend so much time working on. So tell us — who has the best bikini body of 2010?

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes Sensational Hot Maxim PhotoShoot

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Carly Zucker

Celeb bodies - the hotties & the flops

It's time for another hot poll, but this one comes with a twist. Included are stars with the not-so-hot-anymore bods. And you'll be surprised to find out who made that list!
"It's no secret that the majority of men like women with curves, the Victoria Beckham 'lollipop head' look is so over. It's great to see home-grown talent like Kelly and Cheryl fighting it out at the top amongst Hollywood's finest," Contactmusic quoted Lisa Smosarski, editor of Britain's More! magazine.

Jessica Simpson Beautiful Body

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Naomi Campbell - A Controversial Life

Naomi Campbell for Interview Magazine November 2010 issue by Mert & Marcus.
Naomi Campbell Interview Magazine [United States] (October 2010)
Naomi Campbell Magazine Covers source acephotos.com

Interview Magazine October edition continues its unabashed appreciation of Naomi Campbell with a studio shoot by Mert & Marcus. Styled by Karl Templer the British beauty Naomi appears in vampy outfits victimizing a male model. Naomi’s editorial is shocking and yes, a bit violent for my taste but, she’s working it. Thoughts ???

“I make many mistakes. Many mistakes. So I always get nervous when people speak about something that sounds like a role model, because I don’t know if I’ve been a great role model myself. I don’t think I have in certain aspects of my life.”—Naomi Campbell

The photoshoots from Interview Magazine (Naomi Campbell) Click : http://www.interviewmagazine.com/fashion/naomi-campbell/

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Irina Shayk Elle Magazine Cover

A Russian Model Irina Shayk Elle Magazine Cover November 2010 issue.

Irina Shayk Elle Magazine [Spain] (November 2010)
Irina Shayk Magazine Covers source acephotos.com

Making of de la sesión de fotos de la modelo Irina Shayk para la revista Elle en su edición española de Noviembre de 2010.
Esperaba algo más de esta sesión de la actual novia de Cristiano Ronaldo, creo que ha quedado algo sosa, en fin, que la disfrutéis

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Kendra Wilkinson from The Girls Next Door

Hugh Hefner usually never approaches potential girl friends to live with him at the mansion. Kendra Wilkinson however, he contacted himself. She paid for her own breast implants at the age of 18 and has worked as a dental assistant, and also at Papa Johns Pizza. She lived with Hugh and was a Playboy centerfold. After living with Hugh Hefner for a while she moved out, to pursue a relationship with Hank Baskett from the Philadelphia Eagles.

Drew Barrymore Sexy Photos

Drew Barrymore has been in a lot of popular movies, like Poison Ivy, ET, and Charlies Angels. She has even been in Scream. She started acting very young, and she has grown up quite a bit before everyone's eyes. She appeared in 50 first dates, and The Wedding Singer with Adam Sandler.

Anne Hathaway "I'm Too Trusting"

Anna Hathaway on Vogue Magazine Nov 2010.

Anne Hathaway for VOGUE US November 2010 by Mario Testino

Article to Read
Happily Ever After: Anne Hathaway, by Adam Green.
Moments later, a salesman who, if this actually were one of the Princess movies, would be played by Hector Elizondo, oversees the arrival of a stack of boxes bearing the coveted items in various sizes, colors, and skins. First up: a small brown leather Kelly whose clean, classic lines exemplify the 1950s American glamour of its namesake. Hathaway oohs and aahs with appropriate reverence. But it’s the oversize Birkin, with its hippie-chic quality (and heart-stopping price tag), that really makes her gasp. “It’s Heaven,” she says. (read more)

-source acephotos

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Japanese Celebrity

Monica Bellucci gave birth to a baby girl

hot and sexy monica bellucci, hot monica bellucci in bikini, hot monica bellucci wallpapers and photos, hot monica bellucci boobs/breastsItalian actress Monica Bellucci and her French actor husband Vincent Cassel have become the parents of a baby girl named Leonie, born Friday in Rome, the actress announced on the Italian edition of Vanity Fair website.

"She has arrived -- a pretty little brunette. It was a natural birth like that of old peasant women, the labour lasted two-and-a-half hours," Bellucci, 45, said on the site www.style.it.

Leonie weighed 3.2 kilogrammes (seven pounds), said the new mother who has been married to Cassel, 43, since 1999 and with whom she has a daughter Deva, now five years old.

In a recent issue of Vanity Fair Italy, which included a photograph of the glamorous actress during her pregnancy, Bellucci commented on giving birth in her forties.
She said it took "courage to have children late because of the risks for yourself and for the child."

But she added that she considered herself "very lucky" to have had a healthy first child "by natural birth like a peasant woman from Umbria", the region of Italy where the actress was born.

Bellucci, a former model, has appeared in Hollywood films such as "The Matrix Reloaded", "The Brothers Grimm" and "Don't Look Back".

Mischa Barton Hot Gossips

hot and sexy mischa barton, hot mischa barton in bikini, hot mischa barton wallpapers and photos, hot mischa barton boobs/breastsHollywood actress Mischa Barton has admitted that she is a very impatient shopper and hates trying out things while shopping for clothes.

The 'OC' star, who loves picking out clothes from the street, calls herself lucky as without even a trial she is normally right with her choices, reported Instyle magazine.

"I like to shop in Brooklyn, New York, where there are a lot of people selling their things on the street. I love to pick out weird stuff like that. I'm not very patient when I shop. I don't try things on - if they don't work out, I take them back, but usually I have a pretty good eye."said Mischa

The 24-year-old actress, who has her own line of handbags, said that pockets are the most important for her while shopping for one.

"On bags, I always look for pockets that are actually functional - that's the most important thing. I tend to have quite big bags, but I do like little purses - just for the things I need, like a credit card and ChapStick. Other days, I like to be able to throw everything in there!"

Christina Aguilera Hot Gossips

hot and sexy christina aguilera, hot christina aguilera in bikini, hot christina aguilera wallpapers and photos, hot christina aguilera boobs/breastsChristina Aguilera stopped by 30 Rockefeller Center this morning for the Today show’s latest live summer concert. After her performance at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday failed to generate much buzz, this was another opportunity to get fans excited about her new album, Bionic, which arrived in stores today. So how did she do?
Before performing, Aguilera chatted briefly with NBC’s Matt Lauer.

Turns out their respective kids have very different tastes in music: Her son likes cutting-edge electro, his is more of a Sesame Street guy. Then it was on to the stage. Aguilera opened with an abbreviated take on Bionic‘s title track, followed by current single “Not Myself Tonight.” Neither performance blew me away — ultimately, these just aren’t particularly memorable songs — but she was definitely in better voice than she was on Sunday.

Later in the broadcast, Aguilera reached back to 2002-2003′s “Fighter” and “Beautiful.” Both tunes sounded as fun and empowering as ever. Whatever you think of her new work, it was a reminder not to underestimate Aguilera’s back catalog.

Chisato Morishita Sexy Picture

Lisa Ray - Ray of Courage

Neve Campbell from Scream

Neve Campbell was in The Craft, as one of the more stupid witches. She also was in the movie Scream, which redefined the slasher genre of films altogether. She turned down a role in Armageddon, because of conflicts with the show 'Party of Five' which was in the 90s that had conflicting schedules at the time. She is a very talented actress. Here are some pictures.

Hot Fairuza Balk Pictures

Fairuza Balk is a very talented actress and was in number of films. The one I most remember that should stick out in all of our minds was her performance in 'The Craft'. She was the most evil witch in there circle or coven. She went mad with power, and ends up in a mental institution. Of course thats only a movie, her name is very cool. The word 'Fairuza' means Turquoise in Farsi. Thats pretty cool. Her father named her that because of her turquoise color in her eyes. Her eyes are very strange too. Another great movie that she did was 'Almost Famous' where she plays a groupie, and she also did a great job with that one.....Ok now on to the pictures!....

Robin Tunney From The Craft

This girl is an actress and I most remember her for her role she played in the movie 'The Craft'. She has been in a number of other different TV Shows, and other movies too. For example she made some appearances in Prison Break, and The Twilight Zone. I don't know who picks the movies she plays in, but its almost like all the girls from the movie The Craft, hit it off big, and began doing very weird parts in strange movies. She was supposed to be the Good witch in the movie The Craft, however she also did a movie called "The Zodiac" I haven't seen this one, but im sure it has plenty of esoteric witch craft embedded in subliminal messages. She also appears in a movie entitled "THE END OF DAYS".... Here are some pictures of her...