Allison Mack - Smallville's Cute Sidekick

Cute and More-than-Capable. That is how you can describe Cloe Sullivan (Allison Mack), Clark Kent's trusty sidekick and confidant. She ALWAYS has a contact somewhere that gives her access to info, yet you rarely see her outside her newspaper office!

In Season 1 of Smallville, the world was in love with the Lana Lang character, played by Kristen Kreuk, but now that her character is dating the villian, people are warming up to the exitable, witty Cloe Sullivan (Allison). What took them so long? I've always been a fan.

Interesting fact. The producers of the show decided to kill of one main character in Season 5 and killing of Cleo; a character that did not exist in either the Superman comics or movies, would have been the logical choice, but... Allison has a HUGE Internet fanbase, and killing her off would have seriosly hurt ratings... so the killed of Clark Kent's father instead! Good move!

Milla Jovovich - The Cutest Model Around

"Yes, Big Bada-Boom" As a teenage boy she captured my attention with that bright orange Jean-Paul Gaultier outfit that she wore in the movie The Fifth Element. She played a character, Leeloo, that had to personify the 'perfect being' - and she is: Sexy and cute.

There is a good reason why Milla Jovovich is the most successful Supermodel gone actress. She has got what it takes to win over the audience. However, she does not show any bit of cuteness when she is portraying a character that does not call for it (Case in point: The Resident Evil-trilogy character, Alice), but off camera she is utterly cute: Her smiles, laughter, magnetic gaze...

She was espacially cute in the straight-to-video romantic comedy, You Stupid Man. She was a bit more overweight in the movie. Now, I'm not saying that you have to be slightly overweight to be considered to be cute, but the extra fat in her cheeks just made that smile more cute!

No matter in what shape she is in, she's comfortable in her own skin and defeinatley mesmerizing to watch.