Djokovic just can't get enough

Not sure what brought about this change of fortunes for Djokovic, but even for someone like myself who is not his fan, his achievements so far this year are utterly impressive. He has been on top of the game since January, when he surprised everyone with a dream run to his second Australian Open crown. Since then it continued to grow in magnitude and the Serb kept on winning, capturing titles in Indian Wells, Miami, Rome and Madrid. He added a Wimbledon trophy and now, after capturing another Masters trophy, at Montreal, it looks like Novak just can't get enough of his recently acquired status. As surreal as it might seem, he is enjoying every minute of this wonderful period in his career and probably he is praying to keep it going for as long as possible.
His almost flawless season reached new heights when the Serb matched Pete Sampras' feat of winning the first tournament as the world number 1. Moreover, after his three sets victory over brave American Mardy Fish, Djokovic became the first player to win five Master events in one year.
Although currently the world is at his feet, Novak declared that he is still human. I tend to agree with him and to back Tsonga in his claim that the key behind his extraordinary run of form lies in his amazing consistency. After retiring injured in their semifinal clash, the Frenchman argued: "He doesn't hit harder, he doesn't hit the ball earlier. But he's always there. He does not have the best return on the Tour. But on every return, he returns well, and he's always there. So what does it is his consistency, and he has no weaknesses." As excellently captured by Tsonga, although his game lacks a killer weapon, it grew so solid that, at the moment, his rivals fail to find a way to outgun him. This probably makes him the best player on the men's tour. And after compiling a 53-1 match record, his position atop of the rankings is more than justified.