Claudia Koll - All Ladies Do It / Cosi Fan Tutti

Claudia Koll

Claudia Koll (stage name of Claudia Colacione; born May 17, 1965) is an Italian actress and missionary.

Claudia Koll made her debut as a cinema actress in 1989, but achieved fame for her part in the erotic movie Così fan tutte (All Ladies Do It, 1992), directed by Tinto Brass.

All Ladies Do It / Cosi Fan Tutti

Synopsis: Taking his inspiration from a true incident, erotic maestro Tinto Brass crafts his delightful morality tale of a young couple's journey toward discovery through infidelity. Paulo is thrilled that his wife Diana is still sought after, and takes delight in her tales of flirtations and adventures. But when Diana goes too far with a French poet, Paulo is overcome with raging jealousy. In a rampage, Diana lures everyone she can, and after a particularly rough house party, she returns to Paulo, who accepts her unconditionally. Cult Epics is proud to present the uncut Director's Cut, in Italian language with optional English subtitles.

All Ladies Do It

Cosi Fan Tutti ( All Ladies Do It ) Tinto Brass