Sophie Monk Hot Gossips

There is nothing more shocking in this world than discovering that your man is cheating on you with another woman.

What is even more painful is the fact that if one found out that the woman has been kept in dark all about this and it is your man who us guilty.

Actress Sophie Monk recently went through this harrowing experience when she found that her boyfriend Diaz with another woman.

Her first reaction was fleeing from the scene. However later she came back and we absolutely appreciate the fact that she actually took the initiative of talking with the girl and discovering that she knew nothing about the fact that Diaz has got a girlfriend.

Well getting cheated is a traumatic experience and we sympathize with what Sophie is going through. It is natural to feel angry, guilty and shameful at times and we think it’s completely ok to have those pangs of pain.

It is extremely unfortunate when you need to suffer from fault of another person. However we would advise Sophie to remember that these things keep happening in one’s life and we need to take things in a positive manner to move ahead in life.