favorite tattoo

favorite tattoo

Cute Girl Tattoos - My 3 Favorite Cute Girl Tattoos

There are some really cute tattoos out now days. Have you noticed? Here are the types of tattoo designs which I think make for cute girl tattoos!

1. Flowers (Lots of them!)

Flowers, of course, is number one. But hold on. I'm not just talking about a single rose design. I believe the prettiest flower tattoos are one's that include multiple designs. That is, several flowers together, different shapes and different colors. This kind of design definitely "pops out", is very noticeable, and very pretty!

2. Dragons!

I'll probably get a lot of disagreement here or at least quite a bit of "what is she thinking?" but I maintain that some of the cutest tattoos I have seen on women have been that of dragons. Intricate, very colorful and on a woman's body I think is what makes it really beautiful. Dragon tattoos go way beyond just "cute" though. They are incredibly strong and sexy as well. And they really pop out and are visually striking.

3. Fairy tattoo!

I like the fairy tattoo designs as they are very colorful, sometime simple or sometimes intricate and complex, but always cute. You can have birds or flowers surrounding the fairy tattoo, or just have her stand alone with a nice set of wings. Fairy tattoo designs make for very cute girl tattoos, and there are many variations or add-on's you can include with them.

Whatever cute girl tattoo design you choose, be sure to look at everything that is available. There are so many great, new designs out there that you want to make sure you've seen the best, and the cutest!