Elena Anaya and Natasha Yarovenko - Room in Rome Movie

Elena Anaya and Natasha Yarovenko - Room in Rome

Like the erotic classic Last Tango In Paris, the new drama Room In Rome is a controversial, boundary-breaking film about two women who bare their bodies and their souls during one memorable night in a hotel in Rome. Writer-director Julio Medem (the international smash hit Sex & Lucia) returns with this provocative tale of Alba and Natasha. Two strangers meet, tentatively flirt and then head to Alba s hotel room where they exchange life stories amidst passionate bouts of love-making. The stunning actresses Elena Anaya (Pedro Almodovar s Talk To Her, Sex & Lucia) and Natasha Yarovenko (Diary Of A Nymphomaniac) unflinchingly expose their deepest desires: the two women grow increasingly honest emotionally the closer they get physically. Certain to be a landmark in cinematic sexuality, Room in Rome is a serious and sexy foray into uncharted territory.

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Room in Rome